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 Mary had a little lamb
 Whose fleece as white as snow.
 And everywhere that Mary went,
 The lamb was sure to go!

 It followed her to school one day,
 which was against the rules.
 It made the children laugh and play,
 To see a lamb at school.
 Mary had a little lambda,
 Its syntax white as snow,
 And every program Mary wrote,
 She wrote in Lisp, you know.
 Mary had a little lambda.
 She wore it on her blouse.
 And everywhere that Mary moved
 She'd reconstruct the house.
 Mary had a little lambda
 Its value was n times n plus 1,
 And everywhere that Mary went
 She was in a quantum state.
 Mary had a little lambda
 A sheep she couldn't clone
 And everywhere that lambda went
 Her calculus got blown.
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 Mary had a little Sheep,
 With the Sheep she went to sleep.
 The Sheep Turned out to be a Ram,
 And Mary had a little Lamb.
 Mary had a little skirt
 That was slit in half
 And every step that Mary took
 The boys could see her calf.

 Mary had another skirt
 That was slit in front
 And every step the Mary took
 Mary had a little lamb,
 She also had a duck.
 She put them on the table,
 to see if they would fall off
 Mary had a chicken,
 Tom had a duck.
 They put them on the table
 To see if they would fffffall off.
 Mary had a little lamb:
 She shot it in the head.
 Now it goes to school with her
 Between two bits of bread.
 Mary had a little lamb,
 The doctor was surprised.
 But when Old MacDonald had a farm,
 The poor doc almost died.
 A little beef, a lttle pork,
 A little potted roast.
 The waiters were uncertain,
 To see her order so,
 And when they carried Mary out,
 Her face was white as snow.
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 Mary had a little lamb,
 She ate it with mint sauce
 And everywhere that Mary went
 The lamb went too, of course.
 Mary had a little lamb.
 The midwife had a fit.
 Mary had a little lamb
 She also had a bear.
 I often saw Mary's lamb
 But I never saw her bare.
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 Mary had a little lamb,
 The butcher killed it dead.
 The next day she took it to school
 Between two pieces of bread.
 Some people say all fleas are black
 But I know it isn't so
 'Coz Mary had a little lamb
 And its fleas was white as snow.
 Mary had a little lamb
 Its mouth was full of blisters
 Now it's on a burning pile
 With all its brothers n sisters
 Mary had a little lamb,
 Little pork, little ham,
 Some ice cream, and some soda fizz,
 and boy, how sick our Mary is.
 Mary had a little lamb,
 Its fleece was black as soot.
 And everywhere that Mary went,
 It's sooty foot it put.
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 Mary had a little lambda.
 It varied very slow,
 But everytime that lambda changed
 Her entropy did grow.

 The size of Mary's entropy
 Did rub her nerves quite raw.
 And she tried to cut it down to size,
 And broke the second law.

 Then, having done this dreadful deed,
 She broke the first and third.
 And then the law of gravity;
 And flew off like a bird.

 She found that breaking Boyle's law
 Was really quite a gas.
 She made her energy far more
 Than 'C'squared times her mass.

 Newton, Einstein, Helvos, Plank,
 Within their graves were spinning;
 But Mary broke selection rules, and said,
 "I'm just beginning!"

 Alas, this spree could not go on--
 This metaphysical bender.
 The physics cops were on her tail
 With orders to apprehend her.

 They captured Mary from behind.
 She had no chance to hear 'em,
 For she was busy proving false
 The famed ergodic theorum.

 They dragged her off and charged her with
 Disorderly behavior.
 She called upon the demon who
 Was James Clark Maxwell's savior.

 But calling demons is a thing
 That's fraught with hidden danger
 Unless one works with pentagrams
 (And other things much stranger).

 The demon came, he saw the cops;
 He froze them where they were;
 But used the excess heat to raise
 Poor Mary's temperature!

 Since Mary was already warm
 With furious indignation,
 She perished from an excess of
 Molecular agitation.

 The moral of this story is
 (as can be plainly shown):
 Please keep your lambdas fixed
 And leave your entropy alone.

 And break not Mother Nature's laws;
 To do so is not prudent.
 We leave, however, proof of this,
 As an exercise for the student!
% http://www.findarticles.com/p/articles/mi_qa3789/is_199804/ai_n8803192
 Mary had a little lambDa curled and curved for show.
 And everywhere that lambda went, The math came out just so.

 It followed her to calculus With multiplier rules,
 Which show the way to meet constraints As in Lagrange's school.

 In matrix class it proved itself To be a trusty pal,
 whose Assistance could be counted on For writing eigenvalues.

 So keep an eye on Mary's friend Its uses transcend measure.
 Beyond a doubt her lambda is A character to treasure.